My “Y”

Taken By: Delaney SchlemkoFor all of you curious people out there wondering why photographers love taking photos… well here’s the scoop (from my point of view)!

I love taking photos for the experience and for representing the different views of life. Photographs are art. As a photographer, I am able capture the art in the everyday world. I like to capture smiles, nature and pretty much everything. My favorite subject to capture is nature! This wonderful world we live in has inspired me to capture the beautiful things we sometimes take for granted. Taking photos of people exemplifies how unique we are. That is how I came up with my photography name, Life Inspired Photography.

I got hooked on photography because a teacher at my school offered a Digital Photography option class. The teacher who teaches the class taught me many different photography techniques like capturing texture, lines, portraits and shape. This teacher inspired me and, after the class ended, I continued taking photographs on my own. Through this class, I discovered my passion for photography!

When people look at a photo, emotions and/or past memories can come immediately to the surface. Whenever I look at a photo, I make connections that bring about different emotions for me. That’s the amazing thing about photos!

Now you know my “Y” . What is your favorite picture that captures your favorite emotions and or memories? I would love to hear from you!


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