Having Fun In The Sun!

Here is my very first “The Dog Days Of Summer Project” photo. I took this photograph of a flower that my mother got as a gift. It was a beautiful day outside and I was taking multiple shots of this ordinary flower then the idea hit me. I thought to myself “What if I try to capture this flower with detailed water droplets on it?”. Well the idea turned out into a huge success. After that I had also figured out how to take photos of running water with every single water droplet in detail. All I had to was go on the “Sports Mode” on my camera settings because that way the camera will capture every droplet in action. I had also captured many different shots of water with a softball, basketball and just the water itself! 

That was definitely having some fun in the sun… well at least from my perspective. If you are interested in trying to capture running water like I did you can ask me any questions in the comments box below. I would also love to see any photographs that you have taken this summer. Feel free to share your own Dog Days Of Summer photos. Remember to check in often to see other great and unique photographs of my summer.


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