Always Stop And Smell The Flowers!

I apologize that I didn’t post a photo for the last couple days. I have been very busy and I went to many places. I was able to capture lots photos. The last few days I went to a waterfall, a friends relatives farm, a warf and tons of other places.

I captured the waterfall with my Nikon D3100 on the “Aperture” setting with a low shutter speed; that way it can make the water look soft and have a bit of a soothing look to it. I took the photo with the tree and bright green leafs in it by pointing my camera about a 70 degree angle so it can be looking at the sky aswell partly at the leafs and tree, which is the photo’s subject. The photo of the flower, I took this at the warf in Salmon Arm; it was at a park in these beautiful flower pots. I put my camera settings on “Macro”, so it will capture close up photographs.

That is why I always stop and smell the flowers so I can capture some amazing photographs.  That is the end of my camping adventure but worry not I have another one coming up so remember to look at my blog often!


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