Good Ole’ Saskatchewan!

I am so sorry that I haven’t been posting very often, it has been hard to get internet connection. I have been camping and I just came back from Saskatchewan. I have captured many photos. I am about to share a few of them with you. I took all these photos with my Nikon D3100 (as always) with its Nikkor 55-300mm lens.

This is a photo of a horse’s eye at my Grandpa’s farm. I was aiming for just taking a photo of the horse’s eye until I realized that there was a very clear reflection. That day I took photos of my auntie and cousin on their horses in the pasture. As well, I took photos of antiques and horse tack. I had lots of fun taking photos because horses are very loving and gentle animals.

I took this photo of a horse drinking water out of the creek in the pasture. I love how there is a reflection in the water. You may notice that the horse has some water dripping from his mouth with adds some wonderful detail.

Last but not least, this photo is of my cousin’s dog, Tucker. He loves to chew on rocks (weird, right?) and chase gophers in the pasture. Tucker actually had no clue I took a photograph of him because I zoomed into him with my bigger lens.

Well that’s only a few photographs of my trip to Saskatchewan and I will soon share some really cool action photos I took when I was boating. I am also about to take some engagement photos! Remember to look at my blog soon to check out my new photographs!


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