The Beauty Of The Calgary Zoo

I recently went to visit the Calgary Zoo and I enjoyed it very much. I took lots of photographs and I have learned my lesson, to bring an extra memory card just in case the 1st memory card gets full. That happened to me and I sadly didn’t have another memory card with me so I ended up deleting some of the photos I took.

Here is some sneak peek photos that took while I was there:

This is a photograph is of a black swan. I took this photo in the “Rainforest” area of the zoo. This photo is one of my favorites that I took at the zoo.

This photo is of a blue macaw, like the bird off of the movie “Rio”. The bird’s name is Honey. These birds have such a gorgeous blue color and they are really friendly.

This photo is of one of the tall buildings that contain tropical plants. Before I took the photo I had envisioned in my mind that I wanted a photograph that looks exactly like this one. I am very pleased that I this photo is exactly what I was aiming for.

Well those are just some of the photographs I took at the Calgary Zoo. I will defiantly share more of my photos from the zoo soon. I hope you like these photos! Please comment, vote and share my blog! remember to check out October’s “Photo Phace Off”!

Also, I am now selling my photos on Please check it out! Here is the link:


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